Lower Park Hill Farm

horse by tree

The emotional wellbeing of all the horses at Lower Park Hill Farm are our first priority. We are advocates of natural horsemanship, however we will never forget our traditional roots, whatever questions the horse asks, we have a extensive range of resources and knowledge to call upon. We are open minded but not so open minded that our brains fall out!

Here in Barrowford in Lancashire, we provide full and part livery and training for horses and their humans - through the use of one to one coaching and regular workshops and clinics.

Lower Park Hill Farm has gone through an extensive refurbishment to transform it into a safe, friendly environment where horses are allowed to be horses. Herd based life is encouraged wherever practical. Having gained knowledge in the equine psychology field, we work hard at providing a stress free environment. Our belief in positive reinforcement training methods has helped many horses and their owners to become the best that they can be.